Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

Not to initiate any feelings of panic, but 2023 is just a few weeks away! It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by and while I’m excited to soak in all things holiday, I’m also excited to see what the new year has in store. As I finish up holiday shopping, I’m also thinking about what I want 2023 to look like for me and no matter what goals I set for myself, I do know that I want to get more organized. This is something I tell myself every year and for years I wasn’t great at it, but I’ve definitely gotten better as of late!

Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

Ready to start the new year organized and feeling good about your space?

Get Your Pantry Organized

It’s no secret that keeping your pantry (and kitchen for that matter!) organized during the business of the holiday season is basically impossible. Once the holidays are over, take the time to do a deep clean of your pantry, order a few new pantry organization items, and get everything organized! Once the new year rolls around, you’ll feel so much better about this space and it’ll make the day-to-day so much easier.

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Give Your Budget an Overhaul

I’m usually really good about sticking to a budget but once October rolls around, that’s out the window. Between holiday shopping and prepping for events, I feel like all I do is hand my credit card over. You too? Once the holidays are over and you’re settled in the new year, take the opportunity to sit down and give your budget an overhaul. Look at the categories you spent the most money on, consider your savings goals for the year, and plan out any big purchases/trip you’d like to make.

Say ‘No’ More Often

While this isn’t necessarily a way to get organized, it’ll make a big impact on your mood and will keep your calendar a little bit more streamlined. Only say yes to the events you HAVE to and WANT to go to and stop overextending yourself!

Start Meal Planning

To make the work week a little easier, make meal prepping and planning on Sundays a priority. This will avoid the question of “what’s for dinner?” or searching frantically through your pantry for something to make for lunch. We love a more organized week because it means more time to do the things you love!

Invest in Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier

Gadgets that make your life easier, no matter how much or how little they cost, are always a good investment if you ask me. Once you find the ones that work for your lifestyle, your life will instantly be changed and you’ll have no idea how you lived without them for so long. My favorite types of gadgets are kitchen ones. As one of the areas of my home that I spend the most time in, kitchen gadgets instantly make my life so much easier.

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