How I Organize My Pantry

Our pantry has always been one of the areas in our house that we could never keep organized and would often become a dumping ground for random things we were utilizing throughout the week. After dealing with the mess of a pantry for far longer than I would like to admit, I decided enough was enough and that it was time to get our pantry organized. To keep our pantry organization project on a budget, I stocked up on everything I would need from Amazon!

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how i organize my pantry

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How I Organize My Pantry


Canisters are one of my favorite ways to keep our pantry organized! I utilize them to store everything from snacks to dry goods. It eliminates random boxes and bags shoved in the pantry and is so much more aesthetically pleasing. I use these ones in our pantry and love them so much but if you’re looking for a pop of color, these glass ones are also a great option. 


For the items I don’t want to take out of their original packaging or items that are too large or don’t make sense to place in canisters, I keep them organized in baskets. We utilize a mix of these metal ones and various size woven baskets. Having a mix of baskets keeps everything uniform without being too matchy matchy and it allows you to utilize different size baskets to store different types of items. 

We also use these clear organizers for our tea, to stand larger beverages in (the lids come off), and other miscellaneous items.


To keep our canisters filled with the right ingredients and to make grocery shopping easier, I utilize these labels! They come as a pack of 144 and love the minimalist design. 

3-Tier Riser

For our smaller canisters and seasonings, I added this 3-tier riser into our pantry to make it easier to find what I’m looking for! It’s also expandable if you have more items to store which I love since our small canisters are wide.

Can Dispenser

We actually use these in both our pantry and refrigerator! They make it easy to grab cans, whether they’re cooking ingredients or beverages. 

Bakeware Rack

Hate having to stack all of your bakeware in the warming drawer of your stove? SAME! When I was looking for a solution, I came across this rack and love how much easier it is to find the pans, cutting boards, and cooling racks that I need when I’m cooking/baking. It’s also low profile so it doesn’t take up too much space in our pantry.

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