7 Laundry Room Essentials You Need

A laundry room is one of those places that you don’t think about often, yet you spend more time in there than you think. With all of the laundry that happens in our lifetime (because duh, we need clothes) it makes sense to try to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible.

laundry room essentials

Today, I’m sharing the 7 laundry room essentials that you need. They are a mix of organizational items and gadgets, and each one has made a difference in my day-to-day laundry routine.

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7 Laundry Room Essentials You Need


Compact Iron & Steamer for Clothes

There’s nothing worse pulling out an item of clothing to wear as you’re running out the door, only to discover it’s full of wrinkles. This handheld steamer it perfect for removing wrinkles in a pinch.

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Laundry Turtle

Popup Laundry Hamper

This compact laundry hamper makes transferring clothes a breeze! Simply place inside the opening of the washer or dryer, rotate the drum, and voila! All of your clothes are now inside of the Laundry Turtle.

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Retractable Indoor Clothesline

This is a game-changing gadget for your laundry room! A retractable clothesline allows you to gently air dry your clothes without taking up a ton of space when it’s not in use.

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Handy Laundry

Magnetic Ironing Mat

This magnetic ironing mat turns any flat surface into a functional ironing board. It’s perfect for small spaces because you can place it on the top of your washer or dryer to use and easily fold and store it away while it’s not in use.

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Miles Kimball

Slim Storage 3-Tier Cart

Creating storage space in a laundry room can be tough, especially if you’re renting. This 3-tier cart is the perfect way to utilize your vertical space without making any permanent changes.

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Super Peel

Front Load Washer Door Holder

Front load washers are pretty fantastic all the way around, except for when the lining around the opening starts to mildew. Gross! This washer door prop keeps your washer door open so that the lining can dry properly and prevent mildewing.

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Smart Design Store

Angled Laundry Detergent Organizer

This angled laundry detergent organizer tilts forward so that you never waste any product. It also has a tray at the bottom to prevent the pesky leftover dripping that can occur!

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