Creating your Dream Closet

Let’s be honest, clothes are expensive! Plus, women’s trends change from season to season so it can be overwhelming to figure out what clothing pieces have staying power and which don’t. I started building my wardrobe three years ago and I am still adding classic pieces (and trendy!) to my closet!

So how can you build your wardrobe to include classic pieces/trendy pieces and not break the bank at the same time?! Here are step by step instructions that enable you to get the wardrobe of your dreams (and within budget!) I have followed for the past three years and I swear it works!

1. First, you need to figure out the amount of money you are comfortable spending on clothing every month, every other month, or every season (the time frame is personal preference).

2. Once the budget is set use the 60/40 or 70/30 rule. This means 70% of your budget will go towards classic pieces and 30% towards trendy clothing items. You can vary this rule depending on how into trends you are, but you get what I’m trying to say.

3. Next, make a list of what wardrobe pieces you HAVE to have this season. For me this was the trench coat, a boyfriend jean, a pink coat(trendy), and converse just to name a few. If you aren’t sure what to purchase for each season that is a future blog post coming soon;)!

4. Start browsing online stores at items you potentially want to buy. See what type of deals are out there. This also helps to finalize your “seasonal list”. Items might change based off of deals you see, or pieces you never thought to put onto your list! Usually you can start picking up on each stores sale trends. I know for some department stores it seems every week they are having some sort of sale. For those stores I never buy ANYTHING full price since I know if I wait a week or two the item will be on sale. I also tend to wait until holidays (stores typically celebrate everything so there is some type of “holiday” every month). Using this step I always get more bang for my buck (also, never underestimate the power of Ebay).

5. After you have your list, and where you want to buy from, you are ready to shop! (Step 3 and 4 help you stay within budget since you aren’t window shopping from store to store and more willing to purchase items.)

6. You have a wardrobe that looks amazing and is guilt free since you stayed in budget- Happy Shopping!

Thanks so much for reading!

xx Julianna

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6 thoughts on “Creating your Dream Closet

  1. Such a great way to shop! I always find myself spending too much or having buyers guilt but planning should help eliminate that!

  2. So smart! I always get home from shopping and realize I bought three of the same colored shirt and nothing can be worn together…and I still wouldn’t have a good pair of shoes to go with it even though that’s what I went looking for

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