Dog Parents: 10 Must-Have Products

In case you missed it, we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our family – making us a bustling household of five: myself, my husband, and our delightful trio of furry companions! Leveraging my experiences, I’ve mastered the art of keeping our home fresh and clean, even amidst the playful chaos of our three lovable and occasionally messy pups. From muddy paw prints to the occasional potty mishap, let’s embark on this transition together, making it both seamless and enjoyable!

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How Do I Prepare For A New Pup?

Preparing for a new dog can feel overwhelming, especially during the energetic puppy stage that demands a lot of attention and care. To ease the process, start by establishing a dedicated space in your home where your furry friend can feel safe and secure. Ensure your living space is free of chewable hazards or invest in a playpen for times when you can’t supervise them closely. Establish a daily routine encompassing potty breaks, walks, feeding, and playtime.

To streamline your preparations, gather all the essential supplies in advance—leash, collar, dog tag, grooming tools, toys, crates, and feeding bowls. This proactive approach ensures you’re well-equipped and ready to enjoy quality time with your new pup, facilitating a smooth and enjoyable transition for both of you. Additionally, I’ve compiled a list of 10 essential products for fellow dog parents, designed to simplify and enhance your daily life.

Dog Parent Essentials

Pet Playpen

This playpen offers effortless assembly, exceptional durability, and customizable features. With the ability to add extra panels, it adapts as your dog grows, providing a secure and versatile space. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this playpen ensures your dog’s safety, giving you peace of mind.

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Feeding Bowls

This feeding bowl is designed with a tilt to safeguard your pet’s cervical spine. Not only is it dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but it also seamlessly blends in with your home decor, ensuring both functionality and style.

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Toy Bin

The bone-shaped basket serves as the ideal storage solution for your pet’s toys, blankets, leashes, grooming items, or treats. With its sturdy and durable construction, it ensures long-lasting use. Whether displayed for easy access or neatly stored in a designated closet, this basket combines both practicality and style.

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Crate Cover Set

Not a fan of the crate’s appearance in your home? This crate cover set offers a two-in-one solution. Not only does it transform your dog’s metal crate into a haven of comfort from the inside out, but it also seamlessly blends with and complements the aesthetic of your home.

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Anxiety Dog Toy

Is your pet prone to anxiety? This anxiety dog toy features a real-feel pulse that effectively calms and alleviates stress, promoting a sense of ease for your furry friend. Additionally, it serves as a valuable training aid for crate training, effectively reducing nighttime barking for a restful sleep for both you and your pet.

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Dog Car Seat Cover

Is your dog leaving a mess in your back seat? This cover is the solution to keeping your car protected and clean, providing your dog with a comfortable riding space. It’s effortlessly easy to install and clean, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your furry companion.

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Washable Pee Pads

Ever heard of a washable pee pad? Well, now you have! These pads are designed for sustainability, enduring over 100 uses – simply toss them in the washing machine! Providing leak proof protection, bid farewell to stains on your floor with these convenient and reusable pee pads.

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Pet Food Container

This slim and sleek food container can accommodate up to 32 pounds of dry pet food. Featuring an airtight seal, it ensures your pet’s food stays fresh for longer. Say goodbye to bulky dog food bags cluttering your space with this convenient storage solution!

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Shark Carpet Cleaner

It’s no secret that dogs can be messy! From tracking dirt and mud through the house to occasional accidents on the floor, pet owners know the struggle. That’s why this carpet cleaner is a necessity. It effectively tackles spots, stains, and odors on carpets, rugs, couches, and more, making clean-up a breeze!

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Pet Mat Bed

Shield your couch with this pet mat bed! Designed to seamlessly blend with your home decor, it not only adds to the aesthetics but also acts as a barrier against inevitable scratches and stains.

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How Do I Keep Everything Clean?

Owning a dog is filled with unpredictable moments! From unexpected potty accidents to foraging through the trash or discovering the sole mud puddle outside, there are ways to navigate these challenges.

 In my experience, I’ve found a few strategies helpful. My dogs love scattering their toys around the house, so I make it a nightly routine to gather them and return them to their designated toy bin. If any mishaps occur, like stains, I promptly clean them up. To minimize the likelihood of accidents, I strategically place pee pads around. The key is to swiftly address or prevent these incidents, and I’ve discovered that investing in easy-to-clean products can make a significant difference!

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