5 Products for Organizing Your Bathroom

Before the craziness of summer sets in, I’m working on re-organizing the various areas of our home. After the holidays, I actually got our holiday decor and wrapping supplies organized. As of late, I’ve been working my way through our living room and kitchen and recently finished updating the organization in our bathroom.

Our bathroom is one of the rooms in our house that easily becomes disheveled. It’s a small space, there’s a lot of products to store, and it’s an area in our home we’re utilizing throughout the day. Even though it always takes a lot of time to get our bathroom clean and organized, it’s always a task I feel so good about once everything is de-cluttered. Plus, I’ve learned exactly what items I need to keep the space organized on a regular basis.

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If organizing your bathroom has been on your to-do list for what feels like forever, I’m here to help you tackle it in an easy and not-so-overwhelming way, starting with my five favorite organization products. These are products I have personally tried and currently utilize on a regular basis to help keep my bathroom organized.

5 Products for Organizing Your Bathroom

Bamboo Makeup Organizer

Whether you need to organize your makeup or skincare products (or other toiletries!), this organizer is the best. Plus, it looks nice if you keep it out on your counter! I personally love that the top has a lipped edge for small makeup mirrors and keeping other containers organized.

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Hair Tool Organizer

Hair tools are one of those items that are a pain to organize. Between their awkward shapes and the cords, keeping them organized and in the right spot in your bathroom can feel like a never-ending project. Thankfully, this organizer helps with that! I love that it has a spot for your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener, plus additional storage for all of your most-used hair products.

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Stackable Clear Bin Organizers

These clear bin organizers are truly game changing when it comes to organizing your bathroom. I love that they stack and you can easily see what’s inside them. We use these under our sink and in our bathroom closet to store medicine, hair, makeup, and skincare products, plus all of the other stuff you’ll find in a typical bathroom.

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Adhesive Corner Shower Cady

I’m not going to lie, I have a lot of products in my shower. Different shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body scrubs… you name it, I have it (and probably multiple different kinds!). These adhesive corner shower cady’s are great for keeping all of my products organized and I love that they stick right onto the shower wall.

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Toilet Paper Stocker

For the longest time, I was storing our toilet paper either under the bathroom sink or in a closet. It took up so much valuable space that could have been used for other things so I ordered this organizer. Newsflash: it’s awesome. I love that it fits between the toilet and wall, is non-descreet, and gives me a surface to have a plant and air freshner on. Plus, it holds up to 12 rolls of toilet paper!

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