How I Launched My E-Course in 8 Weeks!

blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram Hi, Gorgeous! I’m so glad you stopped by the blog because today I’m sharing exactly how I launched my e-course in 8 weeks (yes, just 8 weeks!). The Grow Your ‘Gram e-course has been a HUGE success and it’s still available for purchase (only for a few more days!). You can click here to purchase and click here and here to read all about what you’ll receive in the course and how other women have doubled their following by taking the course.

Here’s the whole (honest) story broken down for your ladies! blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram

blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


I knew for awhile (about 6 months) that I wanted to create an e-course Blush Babes would truly benefit from. The only problem was I didn’t know what you ladies wanted to know about and/or if I was truly capable of creating an e-course. I mean, just thinking about creating an e-course was seriously daunting.

I brainstormed some ideas, but the light bulb went off when I kept receiving emails or DMs on Instagram about how I grew my following and what strategies I was using. That’s when I knew I wanted to create an e-course all about how other blogger babes could grow their Instagram’s because this was the social media platform where I get roughly 90% of all my collaborations from.

A part of me thought, why would I share all this information? It took me months and months of hard work, trial and error, and lots of effort to grow my following and my strategies were WORKING.

Then, I immediately thought, why wouldn’t I share this information?! I truly believe in community over competition. I wish there was a resource like this when I started blogging and starting my Insta journey. It took all of about three minutes of internal back and fourth to be like… YES! I’m going to share all my strategies with other blogger babes pursuing their dreams!
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


I was beyond excited that I had finally found a topic that I could share, knew would be beneficial to my readers, and could talk about for hours (literally!). Shortly after the excitement wore off I thought….”When the heck am I going to find the time to do this?!”
I work full time as an Army Officer (for you ladies who don’t know that!), was planning a wedding, and was currently going through a few health issues and struggling with that as well.
NOT exactly the ideal time to start writing an e-course. (at this point it was the first week of April when all of this brainstorming was happening!)
I knew that I had surgery the second week of April, and got 10 days off of work to recover. So I decided that I would write this e-book during my 10 days of scheduled for recovery (yes, that’s crazy!). {I seriously don’t know what I’m thinking sometimes! I also spoke at the Southcenter Westfield Mall #StyleBoss event three days after my surgery (again, not the best idea) but I was so determined to write this e-course and follow my passion of fashion blogging that I couldn’t help myself! }
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


One day after my surgery and I felt horrible, but I also made a promise to myself that I would start the e-course writing process. The first day mostly consisted of napping and writing out a full outline of everything that I was going to write about.
During this first week I decided on a platform to write my e-course (iAuthor), wrote my entire outline, and was about 75% done with drafting my first copy of the Grow Your ‘Gram e-course!
I was completely exhausted, and I knew that I wasn’t taking 100% care of myself but I was also extremely happy with the progress I had made!
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


In the first two weeks I wrote the entire e-course and started the process of formatting and making everything look nice. I also sent my e-course to my mom/editor (she has a masters in English, so YAY mom!).
The formatting took SO much time and effort because I wanted everything to look perfect. I also started to create the worksheets that are found throughout each module of the e-course. I truly wanted to create bonus content, but due to time constraints, I couldn’t. Although for the second relaunch that happened a few weeks ago I created a TON of amazing bonus content for you ladies.
That was essentially week three. Formatting, editing, and getting familiar with the platform iAuthour (I had no idea what I was doing at first and this was very frustrating!).
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


Week four is when the e-course is completely finished and I am in the process of trying to figure out how the heck to even market this thing, find out if what I wrote would even interest anybody, and also set up the plugin to even sell the e-course! This week was filled with ups and downs.
I sent the e-course out to a small group of blogger babes I love and trust their opinion. I knew that they would be honest with their feedback and not hold anything back.When I sent the course to them I had never felt more vulnerable! I put my heart and soul into this course and I really wanted them to like it!
After a few days they responded that they loved it and I felt a little more at ease knowing that what I created wasn’t for nothing. I also figured out how to set up my WooCommerce plugin and felt somewhat accomplished.
I felt like I was getting into the swing of things with my e-course. And then week five came along….
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


I seriously still have nightmares about week five & six of my e-course process. Everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. This blog post would be SO much longer if I wrote everything out, so instead I will make a list of them
  • I realized my iBook was too big to simply upload to my website so I had to find an alternate means to upload the book.
  • I also realized by creating an iBook I just eliminated anyone with a PC to take the e-course. I was devastated when I realized this (and felt really stupid) because I wanted all Blush Babes the opportunity to purchase the course.
  • I realized both of these issues AFTER I had announced the launch date and didn’t want to go back on my word or delay the launch so I had to just swallow the fact that PC users couldn’t use the e-course (I fixed this issue for the second relaunch, so if you have  PC you can TOTALLY purchase the course!)
  • I also realized the launch date was ONE WEEK before my wedding. Planning a wedding, working full time, and trying to figure out this whole e-course thing… I do not wish that on anyone.
During these two weeks all I did on the weekends and my free time was work through all the technological issues and try to find solutions. I had so. many. meltdowns. because I was just way to stressed out. It felt like as soon as I solved one problem another major issue would pop up!
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


Things started to look up during week 6 and it’s all due to a phone call. My blogger bestie Annie (she’s the blogger behind The Lovely Girl and Style Collective!) and I had a phone call scheduled during the end of week 5 going into week 6. We have talked on the phone a few times and I love bouncing ideas off of her and we love talking all things blogging. She’s my go-to person to talk about anything blogging related:).
During this phone call she asked me how I was doing and I cracked and told her how it wasn’t going so well and all the issues that I was having. Annie took the time to talk me through each one of these issues and offer up her advice (which I totally took!). I don’t think she knows how appreciative I was of this phone call.
After we hung up the phone I spend the entire week fixing all the issues (with a much more positive attitude!) and implementing the advice Annie gave.


At the end of week 7 I started posting blog posts about the e-course and promoting this course via my social media channels as well! Everything was ready to launch and I had never felt more vulnerable or nervous about anything in my entire life!


The course launched and within the first hour someone purchased it! I couldn’t believe it. I was in total shock and beyond thrilled.
When the reviews of the course started coming in around day 3 of launch week I actually started crying because you ladies LOVED it and I was blown away by your sweet reviews (you can read some by clicking here!).
It was a stressful 8 weeks but I was beyond happy that I pushed myself to do it and see the e-course come from idea to product! (PSA announcement: I highly recommend not doing this while also planning a wedding!)
blush and camo, how to create an e-course, valentino dress, create an e-course, how to grow your instagram


From the first launch to the relaunch there was been Blush Babes who have seen their followers double from 6,000 to 12,000 in just two months, started averaging 3,000 followers/month, and have seen an increase in the companies that have started to contact them!
For the relaunch I created TONS of bonus content and you can purchase the course here!
You can also sign up for my FREE email course and you can Click Here to Subscribe
This is officially the longest blog post I have ever written and thank you SO much for stopping by Blush & Camo! Sending you ladies SO much love:).
xx Julianna

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6 thoughts on “How I Launched My E-Course in 8 Weeks!

  1. This was really great information and I def. might buy the e-course. I totally get the struggle as I too am in the midst of planning my wedding (one month away), work full time, blog, etc, etc. It can all feel like too much!! It makes me feel comforted in reading other bloggers struggles and knowing I’m not the only one dealing with these types of issues. I’m not writing an e-course but I get the idea totally of struggling to find the time for everything and feeling overwhelmed by it all. Thanks for all the great info girly!!

    1. Thank you so much for such a kind comment, Gorgeous! The course is amazing (I am a little bias;) ) and you won’t regret it of you purchase it! The struggle is SO real for blogging and working full time. I was nervous to write this because I didn’t know how honest I wanted to be and I’m so happy I’m not the only one on the struggle bus ride:).

      I hope you’re having a week as fabulous as you are (and have the most AMAZING wedding! That’s so exciting!!).

      xx Julianna

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