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This week has been a bit different than most and if you follow me on Instagram (@julianna_claire) or on Facebook (Blush and Camo) you’ll know Chuck and I have spent the entire week in Los Cabos, Mexico! We do not get to vacation very often, so we have been soaking in every single minute of our time off and loving every second of it!

I planned on doing a few blog posts about the trip but I tripped and fell during one of our adventures and broke my camera:(. Not only did I break my camera, but I lost the memory card in the process (it was quite the fall, I have to admit- not graceful at all). To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I planned for months picking out outfits for this trip and planning locations to shoot each of these looks at. I wanted to take beautiful pictures and share them with you all on my blog. Then, in a split second, I broke my camera. So unfortunately I cannot do the blog posts here in Cabo since the only camera I have left is my iPhone camera. Good news though, I will still take pictures and share all the details of these outfits for you all and I still plan on doing at least one or two posts using my iPhone camera pictures I took while here on vacation! I felt like I owed it to you all to be honest about what happened, and let you know all the Instagram pictures I have been taking with the clothes I wore will still be posted, just maybe not in a tropical beach location;)

I didn’t let this little mishap slow me down though! Everyday I wake up I feel like I am in paradise and I am SO not ready to leave this beautiful place. I hope you all had a great week and thank you so much for stopping by!


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

    1. Thank you so much, I was totally devastated but realized the point of the trip was to spend great quality time with Chuck so that helped put everything into perspective!

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