The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!

Hello Gorgeous! I’ve been working on today’s post for awhile because I wanted to ensure you beautiful ladies got the BEST information possible! Today I’m sharing some information we all want to know about! Where to find designer items at a fraction of their price AND authenticity guaranteed.

When I bought my first pair of Chanel flats I had saved for over a year so I wasn’t totally destroying my budget (thank you deployment!) and knew how much they were going to cost walking into Nordstrom.

There was only one problem, I paid so much money for those flats that I only wear them during special occasions and I always check the weather (ummm yes, totally do this!) to ensure the weather is perfect so nothing can ruin my coveted flats.

I know I’m being overprotective of these shoes, and they are just shoes after all, but I couldn’t get out of my head how much I had saved and worked for those flats. I LOVE designer items, and I’m willing to bet you ladies are too:), but I just didn’t want to have to pay the full price tag and then something horrible happens to this gorgeous item.

So what if I told you- you could buy designer items at a fraction of the price?! Well, you totally can! Today’s post lays out the best websites for accomplishing just that!

The second pair of Chanel flats I bought were from Tradesy (a site I will talk about in length later on in this post!) and were under $350! Is that still extremley expensive? Yes. Some people would argue that’s ridiculous. But as a fashion blogger, and a huge lover of clothes… this was a STEAL!

This rules Ebay out because you just never know if your item is authentic or not, and I just don’t totally trust the whole process (it’s still amazing for other items, I personally just don’t trust it when purchasing designer pieces.)

Where can you find designer items in an affordable price point?! Keep reading to find out all the juicy details!

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!


Since all of these designer items are all majorly discounted they are also previously owned by someone else. Each site is VERY honest about the condition each item is in. Pieces range from only taken out of the box to greatly used.

Your personal taste in what designer items you are looking for and the condition you are looking to find a particular item will drive how many options you have to choose from, and the price point of each item.

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!


Tradsey is an online site where you can find ANYTHING designer from clothes, handbags, shoes, ect. This company doesn’t specialize in a certain category which is awesome because this means there are so many designer pieces to choose from (this can also be dangerous 🙂 )!

Tradesy has an authenticity guarantee which is amazing because if you buy a Chloe handbag you know that’s exactly what you are getting!

This company also understands that if you purchase an item and aren’t impressed with the quality, or it just isn’t what you wanted, you have 4 days to return the item for FREE. Yepp, for free!

I am obsessed with this company and I know you ladies will be too! You should totally check them out! Their inventory is constantly changing, since these items are being sold by the current owner of all their designer pieces (kind of like Ebay, but better!).

This is the site where I bought my black Chanel flats from in today’s post and I am beyond happy with my purchase and the quality of the shoes! I could not tell they were previously worn except for the bottom soles were scuffed up from walking (but I expected that).

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!


I recently did a post about Trendlee here and just adore this business as well! This company only specializes in reselling designer handbags- so unlike Tradesy- Trendlee focuses only on one fashion category!

Want to know the BEST part about Trendlee? Some of the handbags are up to 80% off! Say Whatttt?! Yes, you can buy a designer bag for 80% off and no one’s going to know if you paid full price or not #HECKyes!

Trendlee also has an authenticity garuntee for each item. When I received my Fendi bag from them (they loaned this to me, I wish I could have kept it!) it came with a document certifying this was in fact a true Fendi bag!

If the item just isn’t what you expected it to be you have two business days to file a return with the company. Some of you may be thinking that this is super fast, but given that this isn’t a traditional retail site, this return policy rocks.

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!

The 3 BEST Places To Buy Designer Items On A Budget!


Vestiaire Collective is extremely similar to Tradesy because they resell items such as handbags, shoes, clothing, and accessories! The difference is Vestiaire Collective is even MORE expansive than Tradesy because this site also includes designer items for men and children!

Just like Trendlee and Tradesy this site guarantees authenticity and they have a team dedicated towards ensuring your designer product is just that- designer and not a knockoff! Everyday Vestiaire Collective receives 3,000 NEW (and by new I mean, new items on the site.. they are still resell items) items for you to buy everyday! That is a ton of designer goods just waiting to be purchased!

I’ve had experiences with both Tradesy and Trendlee, but I haven’t had an experience with Vestiaire Collective yet. I know other fashion bloggers who have used this site and have nothing but amazing things to say about this brand!

What did you think of today’s post?!Would you ever shop at one of these sites?! If so, which store would you want to shop at?!  I would love to talk with you in the comments below!

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xx Julianna


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