5 Items In My JEMMA Handbag

What's In My JEMMA Handbag

Hello Blush Babes! Today I’m sharing with you some items I keep in my handbag at all times (and maybe you do too)! These items range from practical to personal to quirky, but I’m spilling all the details in today’s post.

What's In My JEMMA Handbag


I keep all my items in my JEMMA “JOJO” handbag which has quickly become my favorite purse to carry around. When I first saw this handbag I instantly fell in love with the feminine and chic silhouette. I use my JEMMA handbag for both day and night activities because this elegant silhouette is perfect for both times of the day (#fashionwin).

The inside of this bag is lined in JEMMA’s signature black and white print and has SO many fun details inside. These details include a lipstick holder (how cute is that?!) and sunglasses sleeve to hold your favorite pair of sunnies! There are two ways to carry this purse- with or without the strap allowing for more ways to style!

When I carry my JEMMA handbag these are my top 5 items I must carry!

What's In My JEMMA Handbag


I have to carry at least two different shades of lipstick colors because the color I put on at the beginning of the day may not be the color I want to freshen up with in the middle of the day. I usually stick with a bold pink or red lip since those are my favorites.

There may even have been one time I put all the lipsticks I own in my purse because I didn’t know what color I may want later because #options.

What's In My JEMMA Handbag


On my birthday and during Christmas my family loves to give me Starbucks gift cards because my obsession with their coffee is so real. I usually have at least one gift card with a little money on it and I take it with me everywhere since I never know when I’ll need an afternoon pick me up!

What's In My JEMMA Handbag


A few years ago I was having a really bad day at work. When I entered my office after a meeting I found Chuck has stopped by (which is no easy feat since he is 15 minutes away and usually swamped with work!) and taken the time to write a really sweet note on my desk.
I keep that note in my wallet and whenever I’m having a bad day I’ll pull it out. The note is a reminder of what’s truly important in life and not let the petty things that happen consume our days.

I don’t think Chuck knows I do this so… Surprise Chuck:)!


I always keep a pair of sunnies in my purse since the weather in Seattle is changing so often. One minute it’s sunny the other minute it’s pouring down rain. A chic pair of sunnies ensures I’m prepared for whatever the weather decides to bring!

What's In My JEMMA Handbag


One day when I was at the Jo Malone counter in Nordstrom and the women working there gave me 12 small Jo Malone perfume samples! This is my FAVORITE perfume brand and I love keeping at least one of these samples in my purse throughout the day to freshen up every once in awhile! Plus, these samples are so tiny so they take up almost no room.

I try and only put the essentials in my handbag or else it starts to get to cluttered, but these are my 5 must have’s to carry throughout the day! I would love to hear what your must have’s are in your handbag! Leave me a comment below! I would love to talk with you:).

Thank you so much for stopping by Blush & Camo!

xx Julianna

Handbag c/o- JEMMA

Sunnies- Ditto (use code “BLUSHANDCAMO” for your first month free!)

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